SS304ポテト チップのBagging機械、100g自動破片のパッキング機械

起源の場所: 中国大陸
ブランド名: LPE
証明: CE
モデル番号: LPE-SFM010
最小注文数量: 1
価格: USD++1-10set(negotiable)
パッケージの詳細: 木の場合によって
受渡し時間: 30の仕事日(交渉される)
支払条件: L/C、T/T、ウェスタン・ユニオン
供給の能力: 10+set+per30days
主要な材料: ステンレス鋼 範囲の重量を量ること: 10-1500g 10-3000g
正確さの重量を量ること: 0.1-1.5g0.2-2g 最高の満ちる速度: 60cans/min
ホッパー容量: 1.6L/2.5L 制御システム: MCU
タッチ画面: 7インチ 電源: 単一フェーズAC220V 50/60Hz
サイズ: L1960*W4060*H3320mm 重量: 1000kg (約)
機械力: 3つのkw (約) 包装タイプ:: 缶、びん、スタンドアップ式の袋、袋、袋
運転されたタイプ:: 電気 適当な企業:: 食糧及び飲料の工場、ヘルスケア プロダクト工場
自動等級:: 自動 電圧:: 220V
原産地:: 広東省、中国 中心の部品:: PLCのモーター、タッチ画面
主セリング・ポイント:: 高精度 ビデオ出て行点検:: 提供される
銘柄:: LPE

100gポテト チップのbagging機械





                   Automatic small chips snack pouch packing machine for potato chips/potato chips packing machine/snack packing machine


(1) The machine is suitable for sealing package of rotary covers of plastic bottles,glass bottles,etc.
(2) All 304 stainless steel material adopts the electrical accessories with the international well-known brand.
(3) The design is reasonable and precise,and it can be designed intosingle-head,double -head or multi-head screw cap according to the speed requirement,which can meet the needs of different enterprises.
(4) It adopts the combination of the upper cover and rotary cover ,with stable and reliable performance,which realizes the
automatic production.



1. The appearance of product is made of stainless steel material,its external shape is simple and beautiful,in line with the
design requirement of lots of the standard production workshop.
2. Various accessories are processed precisely,production technology and industry,etc,have obtained the sediment from customer experience for a long time of the company and continuous improvement,its main parts adopts the unique design,high strength,low noise,good sealing performance.
3. The design of automatic production line is extremely easy to be make up the operation line combined with the filling system,weighing filling system or labeling system.
4. This product is mainly applicable to dustproof plastic lid sealing with round bottles,such as various PET plastic,iron,aluminum and paper cans,etc,its with the advanced product design,reasonable structure,and simple operation,which is an ideal packaging equipment for food,medicine,tea,chemical industry,etc.



Packaging speed:

(1) with Linear Filling Machine:25-30 cans/min with high accuracy 1%.

(2) with Rotary Filling Machine:40-50 cans/min with high accuracy 1%.

It is suitable for various of granular products such as Puffed food, Slice Dried meat floss,Dried fish, cheese ball,chocolate ball,crispy snacks,,color sugar,popping candy,cashew nuts,peanut,nuts,pistachio, vegetable seeds,sunflower seed,dried fruit,chips,raisin,popcorn,rice,pepper,ect.

Used for packing in tin can, metal can, aluminum can, PET can,composite paper can.



Main paremeters:


1 Weighing range 10-1500g 10-3000g
2 Weighing accuracy 0.1-1.5g0.2-2g
3 Max filling speed 60cans/min
4 Hopper capacity 1.6L/2.5L
5 Control System MCU
6 Touch screen 7 inches
7 Power supply single phase AC220V 50/60Hz
8 Size L1960*W4060*H3320mm
9 Weight 10 1000kg(about)
10 Machine power 3kw(about)

SS304ポテト チップのBagging機械、100g自動破片のパッキング機械 0SS304ポテト チップのBagging機械、100g自動破片のパッキング機械 1


The whole packaging line is combined by below machines:

Unscrambler-UV EMPTY CAN CLEANING MACHINE—10 Heads or 14 Heads Multi-head weigher(combination weigher)-Linear filling machine-Automatic can sealing machine-capping machine-Coding machine-Labeling machine-Unscrambler

Rice packing line for examples only:


1.Unscrambler---to feed the empty can into the filling machine automatically

SS304ポテト チップのBagging機械、100g自動破片のパッキング機械 2

2. UV EMPTY CAN CLEANING MACHINE-for clean the empty cans

SS304ポテト チップのBagging機械、100g自動破片のパッキング機械 3

3. 10 Heads or 14 Heads Multi-head weigher(combination weigher)---for weighing system

SS304ポテト チップのBagging機械、100g自動破片のパッキング機械 4SS304ポテト チップのBagging機械、100g自動破片のパッキング機械 5

4.Linear filling machine--for automatic filling in cans/bottles/jars/pots

SS304ポテト チップのBagging機械、100g自動破片のパッキング機械 6

5.Automatic can sealing machine/can seamer/can seaming machine/canning machine--to close/seal the can

SS304ポテト チップのBagging機械、100g自動破片のパッキング機械 7



6.latic top cap capping machine-for the capping of the plastic cap.

SS304ポテト チップのBagging機械、100g自動破片のパッキング機械 8

6. Fiber laser Coding machine - for the date coding

SS304ポテト チップのBagging機械、100g自動破片のパッキング機械 9 

7.Labeling machine--to apply sticker label on the cans/bottles/jars.

SS304ポテト チップのBagging機械、100g自動破片のパッキング機械 10

8.Unscrambler-to collect the cans/ bottles/jars.

SS304ポテト チップのBagging機械、100g自動破片のパッキング機械 2


We will design the packing line according to your requirement



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